WIR — October 1, 2012

Last week was tumultuous to say the least. The Presidential Debate got everyone riled up, it was Banned Books Week, and Facebook in celebration of their 1 billionth user released their first ad that said they were “like chairs or something“.

Here is what we at Worktank, thought was relevant last week.

1. Ken Molay, of The Webinar Blog, has a fantastic checklist for those who are planning to run virtual events.

2. Brian Solis has written a great article on the power of customers and how to garner a positive relationship with them.

3. Cisco’s Wim Elfrink, sat down with Reena Jana of frog to discuss the future of cities. What follows is a very innovative interview that not only touches upon creating smart technology but also building upon current communication systems and improving the infrastructure of energy management.

4. Inc. provides a short but great article on customer service highlighting what your customers’ top priority is.

5. Lastly, Wall Street Journal provides an interesting and insightful article on your body’s best time for everything. Topics include when to exercise, when adults’ attention begins to wane, and when to post on social media channels in order to gain visibility.

Other notable news include:

  • Microsoft launched a new look for MSN
  • Tumblr was down for the weekend causing tweens everywhere to panic.

We hope that your transition into fall is going smoothly. Check back next Monday for our short and sweet list of resources!

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