The best Seattle venue for event streaming… you may be surprised!


Courtesy of Rodger Burnett

Anticipating the growing demand for events that include an in-person audience and integration of an online audience, I spent some time meeting with venue and hotel staff all over Puget Sound. Looking for that perfect combination of atmosphere and the technical capability to stream from the venue. I found that some venues had slow Wi-Fi-only connections, caged-in IT equipment, pricey in-house AV contracts, and sales teams that didn’t understand the impact virtual events, video webcasts and broadcasts now have on large corporations and the pain points this useful communication tool can solve. During my search I did find one venue that stood out among the crowd of local venue spaces, McCaw Hall. I met with Ryan Davis at Seattle Center’s McCaw Hall, and was surprised to find the following: ✔ Screaming fast internet connection (200mpbs fiber connection) – CHECK ✔ Multiple large event spaces with flexible staging options – CHECK ✔ AV infrastructure with outbound feed integration – CHECK ✔ Well-planned turnkey AV management that doesn’t require exorbitant costs – CHECK ✔ A full-day rental pricing model that doesn’t encourage small fees  – CHECK ✔ A friendly and consultative sales staff – CHECK


Courtesy of Ellen Banner

I found that McCaw Hall is flexible, elegant, and accommodating. The combination of large event spaces and affordable live stream-ready infrastructure is unique. Even if you don’t feel like streaming your event, I’d highly recommend giving Ryan a call to setup a site tour. You can create any type of experience imaginable here. To hear additional perspectives, we encourage you to browse through their reviews on Yelp or join their community on Facebook. For setting up a site survey at McCaw Hall, Ryan Davis is available at For setting up Worktank’s webcast support, contact me at

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