Lower the Costs of Your Live Stream

Watch and learn from Worktank’s Marcy Stringfellow who will give you important tips to help you lower the production costs when preparing to create your next live streaming event.


Here is a quick recap of some money saving tricks for lowering your production costs:
1) Regarding your venue – Insist in a clause in your contract that you get to choose the vendor of your choice, work with your AV vendor to leverage the in-room audio infrastructure, make sure you have dedicated bandwidth included in your contract.
2) Decide on production quality – Work with your video producer to find the right balance between production value and budget, you get what you pay for.
3) Platform – Don’t reinvent the wheel, see if your company has already purchased a platform license, whether it is WebEx, Skype Meeting Broadcast or something else. If you do not have one, Worktank can help you stream to your existing webpage too or use one of ours. Last, hang up the phone! Leverage FREE streaming audio from your platform and save hundreds on telephony costs.

We hope this information has been helpful! We’d love to talk further with you, reach us at talktous@worktankseattle.com so we can help you save on your next event.

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