Making Sense of the Skype Broadcast Buzz

If you manage your company’s large, internal online meetings, you’ve probably heard the news about Microsoft’s latest addition to Office 365: all Enterprise O365 licenses have FREE access to Skype Meeting Broadcast.
This is a huge game changer in the internal online/virtual meeting space. Skype Meeting Broadcast allows you to connect with your team, customers or partners from around the globe, just like Skype for Business – but was designed specifically with larger meetings in mind. With Skype Meeting Broadcast you can connect up to 10,000 participants in one meeting.
Worktank has been testing Skype Meeting Broadcast for months in partnership with the Microsoft product team, and has developed low-risk production processes to bring high-quality video communications to your participants. SMB integrates seamlessly into Worktank’s onsite video streaming support. With Worktank’s production crew and equipment we can stream high quality video of you, your slides and even a screen share demo.

 Pairing this “free” platform with high-quality engaging video content means a win for your budget and a win for viewer engagement and participation. Working with Worktank means we’ll do all the heavy lifting so you can sleep at night. Check out our Skype Meeting Broadcast FAQ for a quick Q&A about the platform, or contact us at (206) 254-0950 or with questions.

We’re excited to get the ball rolling!