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The Simplest Way To Supercharge Your Marketing

With an endless stream of content bombarding us every minute of every day, there are few proven ways to capture and hold our time-starved attention like videos. Are you reading this blog post or are you just skimming it? Videos have evolved well beyond marketing tools posted on your corporate website. When leveraged properly they…

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New Work: Videos for AT&T Mobile Marketing Solutions™

AT&T Mobile Marketing Solutions™ offers a powerful suite of mobile messaging, application, barcode, and Internet marketing tools. AT&T Senior Marketing Manager, Evan McDonald commissioned Worktank to create the videos to anchor the site, which just launched in April 2011. “Worktank is a pleasure to work with. After 20+ video projects with a variety of budgets,…

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AT&T 8525 – A Video Customer Story

High Tech Computer Corp. (HTC) manufactured the AT&T 8525, a smartphone that offers an unparalleled selection of business and personal applications. Unfortunately, it suffered from a lack of mindshare with its target audience—on-the-go business enterprise power users who need to be wirelessly connected to their office, no matter where they are. HTC needed to raise…

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Up the Ante with Video

Historically, video has been an expensive marketing tool, making it a gamble for companies focused on ROI. Today, video is a sure bet—it’s accessible and affordable, and boasts tremendous response and recall rates because of its ability to integrate sight, sound, and emotion. In an ad campaign for the Pantech Matrix Pro, the online ads…

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A Little More To Chew On: Bite-size Webcasts

Here are a few more reasons why you should consider a bite-size webcast series for your next marketing initiative: Sensory Engagement: Studies show that people retain only 10% of the information they read, and 20% of the information they hear—but 50% of the information they see and hear. Recurring Events: Sustain your audience’s interest in…

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