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Small Meeting, BIG Audience, EMPOWERED Attendees

As the world’s population crests over 7 billion people, it is sometimes difficult to find space for everyone. We can’t all fit in one meeting room, can we? No company is 7 billion strong of course, but many companies do need to reach a large number of employees or partners all at once. Doing so…

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Worktank Wins Two W3 Awards

Worktank Enterprises, LLC has been awarded two silver W3 Web Awards in the Visual Effects/Motion Graphics and the Animated Web Video categories. Receiving over 3,000 entries, the W3 Awards honors outstanding Websites, Web Marketing, Web Video, & Mobile Apps created by some of the best interactive agencies, designers, and creators worldwide. “The video production team…

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Gain Trust with Customer Evidence Videos

Recently, I came across these video customer stories from Adobe. Adobe does a fantastic job of showing their customers using and providing testimony about the effectiveness of their filmmaking product suite. Wow–seeing is believing! At Worktank, we have created high-quality customer evidence videos similar to Adobe’s for clients such as Microsoft. They have proven to…

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AT&T 8525 – A Video Customer Story

High Tech Computer Corp. (HTC) manufactured the AT&T 8525, a smartphone that offers an unparalleled selection of business and personal applications. Unfortunately, it suffered from a lack of mindshare with its target audience—on-the-go business enterprise power users who need to be wirelessly connected to their office, no matter where they are. HTC needed to raise…

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Make an Emotional Connection with Video

Video has long been known to be an influential marketing tool.  As they say, seeing is believing.  With video’s inherent believability, you are able to prove the performance of your product or service right before the eyes of your customer. Based on budget and usage, there are three types of video that usually meet a…

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