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A Quarterly All-Hands Meeting Webcast Customer Story

Each quarter, the world leader in compact, professional electronic test tools hosts a large internal virtual event. The president of the company presents critical information to all employees located around the globe. They require a high-quality live video stream of the presenter, the ability to show pre-recorded video, high security access and post-event reporting, and…

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Academy Live – A Webcast Customer Story

Microsoft Academy Live is one of Microsoft’s most effective tools for delivering technical content presented by subject matter expert to its partners and employees. Consisting of both live webcasts and on-demand delivery (Academy Mobile), the group delivers approximately 2,000 live webcasts a year with a total of 350,000 views. When you include both live webcast…

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A Programmatic Solution Customer Story

Each year, a Fortune 500 food company sponsors a widely attended internal 3-day summit for information systems (IS) professionals featuring 24 live events. In order to drive audience reach and reduce per-attendee costs, the client partnered with Worktank to architect and deliver a virtual event. The solution encouraged audience attendance, linked with social media tools…

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HTC Fuze – A Multi-Platform Customer Story

In 2008, cell phone manufacturer HTC introduced the HTC FUZE, the company’s next-generation entry into the exploding touch screen phone market. The device launched in partnership with AT&T, which meant the HTC FUZE went head to head with the powerhouse iPhone as well as the Google G1 from T-Mobile. HTC needed a standout marketing and…

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Pantech – A Video Customer Story

Pantech is Korea’s third-largest mobile handset manufacturer and has received industry-wide recognition for its innovative handset designs. In an increasingly crowded smartphone marketplace, Pantech asked Worktank to handle the nontraditional campaign for the Matrix Pro, a stylish new smartphone with an original two-keyboard design. The challenges: Pantech was not a well-known name among consumers in…

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