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Tag: HTC

WIR — February 18, 2013

Here’s what you might have missed in the news last week: Burger King AND Jeep had their Twitter accounts hacked, which inspired MTV and BET to fake that their accounts were hacked as well. Seattle has two years to decide on whether or not to host the 2024 Olympic Summer games. We saw the release…

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AT&T 8525 – A Video Customer Story

High Tech Computer Corp. (HTC) manufactured the AT&T 8525, a smartphone that offers an unparalleled selection of business and personal applications. Unfortunately, it suffered from a lack of mindshare with its target audience—on-the-go business enterprise power users who need to be wirelessly connected to their office, no matter where they are. HTC needed to raise…

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HTC Fuze – A Multi-Platform Customer Story

In 2008, cell phone manufacturer HTC introduced the HTC FUZE, the company’s next-generation entry into the exploding touch screen phone market. The device launched in partnership with AT&T, which meant the HTC FUZE went head to head with the powerhouse iPhone as well as the Google G1 from T-Mobile. HTC needed a standout marketing and…

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Worktank Wins Three Telly Awards!

Worktank was just honored with three awards in the 31st Annual Telly Awards! Awards won include a Bronze in Telecommunications/Internet Service for the HTC FUZE Architect TV spot, a Bronze in Telecommunications/Internet Service for the Pantech Matrix Pro online video, and a Bronze in Computers/Information Technology for the IE8 Sizzle Video. Corey Pilkington, Director of…

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