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Gain Trust with Customer Evidence Videos

Recently, I came across these video customer stories from Adobe. Adobe does a fantastic job of showing their customers using and providing testimony about the effectiveness of their filmmaking product suite. Wow–seeing is believing! At Worktank, we have created high-quality customer evidence videos similar to Adobe’s for clients such as Microsoft. They have proven to…

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Up the Ante with Video

Historically, video has been an expensive marketing tool, making it a gamble for companies focused on ROI. Today, video is a sure bet—it’s accessible and affordable, and boasts tremendous response and recall rates because of its ability to integrate sight, sound, and emotion. In an ad campaign for the Pantech Matrix Pro, the online ads…

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HTC Fuze – A Multi-Platform Customer Story

In 2008, cell phone manufacturer HTC introduced the HTC FUZE, the company’s next-generation entry into the exploding touch screen phone market. The device launched in partnership with AT&T, which meant the HTC FUZE went head to head with the powerhouse iPhone as well as the Google G1 from T-Mobile. HTC needed a standout marketing and…

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Pantech – A Video Customer Story

Pantech is Korea’s third-largest mobile handset manufacturer and has received industry-wide recognition for its innovative handset designs. In an increasingly crowded smartphone marketplace, Pantech asked Worktank to handle the nontraditional campaign for the Matrix Pro, a stylish new smartphone with an original two-keyboard design. The challenges: Pantech was not a well-known name among consumers in…

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Make an Emotional Connection with Video

Video has long been known to be an influential marketing tool.  As they say, seeing is believing.  With video’s inherent believability, you are able to prove the performance of your product or service right before the eyes of your customer. Based on budget and usage, there are three types of video that usually meet a…

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