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Tips From The Front Line – Presented by Worktank

  Have you already decided to revolutionize the way that you reach your audience? Want to branch out into the realm of online events, but don’t quite know how? Virtual events can be a tricky maze to navigate, so let Worktank take away the mystery and change the way that you reach your audience! This…

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WIR — April 1, 2013

In the news last week: A sequel to ‘Finding Nemo’ has been announced. ‘Finding Dory’ is slated to be released in fall 2015. Molly Moon’s and Li’l Woody’s is teaming up to form a restaurant all in the way in Ballard. Facebook, HTC, and AT&T have teamed up to create the First smartphone, a phone…

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WIR — January 20, 2013

Last week in the news: Local hip hop artist, Macklemore and producer Ryan Lewis, finally reach number 1 on the Billboard charts with their hit single “Thrift Shop.” FYI, the last time a Seattle hip-hop artist topped the charts was in 1993 with the release of “Baby-Got-Back” by Sir-Mix-A-Lot. Yep. Pentagon lifts ban on women…

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Trends and Predictions for 2013 from A Neophyte

The end of the year always brings two things: best of articles and predictions for the coming year. I’m a little late on the jump but I wanted to digest all the predictions that other blogs came up with. (Remember the end of the world? Yeah that didn’t happen). Below are five trends that I…

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WIR — November 5, 2012

In the news last week: let’s just say it went down in history. Here’s what Worktank talked about last week: 1. If you haven’t heard the news yet, Microsoft is planning to phase out Live Messenger in favor of Skype. Microsoft has confirmed that this process will take place in early 2013. 2.Which segues into…

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