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Tag: Microsoft

WIR — January 14, 2013

We hope you had a long pleasant 3 day weekend. Here’s what you might have missed in the news last week. Oh how a hero has fallen. Lance Armstrong admits to doping, stands to lose millions of dollars in legal issues. FAA grounded the 787 dreamliner fleet over fire risks, the first suspension against Boeing…

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WIR — November 12, 2012

This week in the news: After 23 years at Microsoft, Steve Sinofsky hits the road. Skyfall breaks a record, brings in 87.8 million in its first weekend making it the most “lucrative” debut in the Bonds series’ 23 year history. 1. On Tuesday, TED reached one billion views. In honor of this milestone, TED partnered…

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WIR — October 22, 2012

In the news last week: Final match-up between presidential candidates. Doesn’t that seem like a lifetime ago? Microsoft Surface became available in stores. Seattle’s Space Needle will have Evergreens painted on the top — which will be there for the next 50 years. Apple unveils iPad Mini and iPad 4 only 6 months after the…

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Gain Trust with Customer Evidence Videos

Recently, I came across these video customer stories from Adobe. Adobe does a fantastic job of showing their customers using and providing testimony about the effectiveness of their filmmaking product suite. Wow–seeing is believing! At Worktank, we have created high-quality customer evidence videos similar to Adobe’s for clients such as Microsoft. They have proven to…

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Academy Live – A Webcast Customer Story

Microsoft Academy Live is one of Microsoft’s most effective tools for delivering technical content presented by subject matter expert to its partners and employees. Consisting of both live webcasts and on-demand delivery (Academy Mobile), the group delivers approximately 2,000 live webcasts a year with a total of 350,000 views. When you include both live webcast…

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