Solutions That Connect

When you need to reach out to a remote audience, Worktank is your go-to partner to ensure the entire event lifecycle goes off without a hitch. Our solutions encompass all aspects of the event: registration, onsite video crew, hosting and transmission, analytics, and more.

Our team of experienced event producers will guide you through the process, allowing you to focus on your content rather than technical details.

We regularly support platforms such as Microsoft Skype for Business, Cisco WebEx, InXpo, Webcaster, and Worktank's own VE Connect.

All-Hands and Company Meetings

When it comes time to roll out a new initiative, recap a month or quarter’s activity, or respond to an immediate issue impacting the company, ensuring all parties have equal access is crucial.

Worktank’s team goes far beyond AV setup and tech support. We want your participants to feel like they are sitting face-to-face with the leadership team, they feel heard, and their time is respected.

What you get

In-Person Meeting Extension

Keynote speakers can draw in large crowds for your conference, event or meeting. Worktank's Event Extension solution allows you to amplify content to all corners of the globe, ensuring maximum reach and impact.

Worktank's experienced event production team will provide crew or integrate with your existing A/V vendor to ensure that your viewers have the best possible online viewing experience.

What you Get:

Team Meeting Support

When running a meeting with VIP presenters or a busy, expensive set of participants, it is crucial to not waste time attempting to configure or troubleshoot an online meeting during the meeting itself. Worktank’s Team Meeting Support gives you the peace of mind that all aspects of the environment are properly configured, and is able to scale up to high-quality camera feeds, and redundant hardware to ensure that risks are properly mitigated prior to participants joining.

Workank ensures you and your team can focus on the content and the conversation rather than the technical details.

What you Get